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2016年12月22日 星期四

Customers Visiting Fung Chang

Fung Chang was glad to have customers from India and Mexico visit our company from November to December!

Customers were mostly asking about DR2 series machine for making onion bag. SR-R series is also inquired for making flat yarn and round yarn nets like shade net and anti-hail net.

You are very welcome to contact us for further question! Fung Chang will do its best to find the suitable solution for each and every one of the customer!

Production Flow – Onion Bag

Production Flow – Anti-hail Net

Plast Eurasia 2016 E-news – Thank You for Coming to Our Booth!

Fung Chang appreciates your visit to our booth at Plast Eurasia 2016 - the most significant meeting of the plastics industry in Turkey.

Despite the coup and terrorism taking place in Turkey, it does not affect the trend of visiting exhibition of the plastics industry. Besides Turkey visitors, many customers are from Balkan Peninsula, Southeast Europe, Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and so on.

Fung Chang received inquiries about Raschel knitting machine for producing fishing net, onion bag, harvesting net, and anti-hail net, etc. Based on the specifications of the net products customers intend to make, Fung Chang provides suitable solutions to meet their needs. Our SR series provides agriculture net solutions for mono x mono, tape x tape, and tape x mono yarn; DR2 series can produce onion bags in tape yarn.

We appreciate the hospitality of the restaurant which served us varieties of delicious dishes.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Production Flow – Onion Bag

Production Flow – Anti-hail Net

2016年11月13日 星期日

It Was Fung Chang’s Pleasure to Serve You at K 2016!

Fung Chang was glad to attend the most significant exhibition event for plastics and rubber industry – K 2016 in Germany. Different from the exhibitions having been to before, Fung Chang not only served customers from all around the world but also had the opportunity to see innovative marketing strategies.

From the raw material, machinery to software, there are diversity of exhibition booths at K 2016. Breaking the traditional manner of manufacturing, Plastic products are made in the way of more environmentally friendly and safer, aiming to be good to our living environment by using composite materials.

Fung Chang met our old customers around the world from Russia, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Turkey, etc. We appreciate our customers keep supporting us all the time.

Inquiries for Raschel bag (for onion, potato, orange etc.) knitting machine and pallet net/ bale net machine is increasing. Both of them are made from flat yarn, H.D.P.E. material. Also, Fung Chang notices a new trend of material like PVC, PET etc. Customers are trying a new way for different production.

Fung Chang provides Raschel knitting machines for making different kinds of product, such as shade net, construction net, bale net, knotless fishing net, fruit bag, and so on. It aims at offering the best solution to every customer!

Feel free to contact us for further question!

Production Flow – Onion Bag

 Production Flow – Bale Net & Pallet Net

Exhibition News –

2016年10月6日 星期四

Colorful Shade Nets with Plants in Different Characteristics

Colorful shade nets are not just beautiful. Do you know that shade nets in different colors not only affect shade rate but can also determine the characteristics of plants?

In Shdema, Israel, a research was carried out by shading plants in red, blue, green, grey, black, and reflective nets with each having 50% shade rate during 1997~1999. Some remarkable results are found. The red net makes plants have the longest branches compared with other nets. Plants under the blue net are small and dwarf. The grey net helps cultivate dense and bushy plants with short branches and has 80% ~110% yield higher than the blue net.

Photo - University of Bologna

The technology helps growers cultivate varieties of plants catering to market needs without the need to make pruning. On the other hand, instead of using chemicals to change characteristics of plants, applying colored shade net is much friendlier to the environment, which does no harm to plants.

Michal Oren-Shamir, Eugene E. Gussakovsky, Eliezer Shpiegel, Ada Nissim-Levi, Kira Ratner, Rinat Ovadia, Yuri E. Giller, and Yosepha Shahak (May, 2001). Colored Shade Nets Can Improve the Yield and Quality of Green Decorative Branches of Pittosporum Variegatum. Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 76(3) ·

Fung Chang provides SR series for making mono x mono, tape x tape, and mono x flat shade net product.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us!

Production Flow – Shade Net

Exhibition News –

2016年8月31日 星期三

Thanks for Coming Visit Us at Taipeiplas 2016!

It was Fung Chang’s pleasure to serve you all during August 12 ~ 16 at Taipeiplas 2016. Thank you for coming visit our booth!

This time, Fung Chang exhibited single Raschel knitting machine for mixed color flat yarn fencing net (barrier net) with slitting & extension machines. The model can produce products with diversity of fabric. 

During the exhibition, Fung Chang met customers from Turkey, India, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. inquiring about Raschel knitting machine for shade net and onion bag products. Based on different customer’s inquiry, Fung Chang tried its best to find out solutions for each customer.

Fung Chang provides SR series for making mono x mono, tape x tape, and mono x flat shade net product and DR series for producing flat yarn onion bag product.

Feel free to contact us if you have further question!

Production Flow – Shade Net

Production Flow – Onion Bag

Exhibition News – 

2016年8月5日 星期五

India Customers Visiting Fung Chang

From May to July, 2016, there are 4 groups of customers from India coming visit Fung Chang!

Most of the customers inquired Raschel knitting machine for producing shade net product. Based on different yarn fabric demand, Fung Chang had discussions with the customers and tried to find the suitable turnkey project for each one of them.

SR series Raschel knitting machine can produce shade net product in PE material. Fung Chang provides mono x mono, tape x tape, and tape x mono solutions for customers. If you are looking for the suitable solution, do not hesitate to contact us!

Exhibition News - 

Fung Chang will attend Taipeiplas 2016! Our booth number is M0132. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition! 

2016年7月5日 星期二

Machines Installed in Brazil

In May, 2016, Fung Chang headed to Brazil for after-sales service.

The customer in Brazil is one of the outstanding manufacturers for tubular extrusion net. Now, they want to extend the product range to tubular knitting net. Fung Chang offered the solution to set up the whole project for it.

Iguazu Falls is located on the border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. We appreciate our customer offering this chance to let us enjoy the marvelous scenery after our service.

Fung Chang will do its best to provide suitable Raschel knitting machines for every customer!

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